2nd Grade Paper Lizards

The 2nd grade students worked hard to make these paper lizards.  We started be decorating both sides of large pieces of construction paper with oil pastels.  Then, they folded the paper in half long ways.  Then folded the edges in to meet the center line.  Opening the paper flat, the top corners were folded in to meet the center line, then again to create what looked like the beginning of a paper airplane.  Again opening the paper flat, the students cut along the longest diagonal lines on either side of their paper.  The paper was then folded in half and slits were cut every half inch from the fold about half way up the paper.  Once the edges were glued together, the body was complete.  A semicircle was added for the head, then feet were cut from the scraps of the body.  The end result is a slinky lizard that can bend and roll its body.

Pictures coming soon!


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