2nd Grade Finger Weaving

The second grade students have been learning how to finger weave.  It can be tricky to get started, but once they got the hang of it, we were off with flying colors. To begin, we tied a piece of yarn to the pointer finger of their non dominant hand.  They then wrapped the yarn in front of their middle finger, behind their ring finger, and in front of their pinky.  The yarn then comes around and is woven in the opposite direction so that each finger is now looped with one layer of yarn.  The process is repeated, down and back, so that each finger has two loops.   The bottom loop gets pulled up and over the tip of each finger, then the “weaving” process is repeated: around all of the fingers, back and forth, until each has two loops.  The loops get pulled over, and the next layers get added on. This process can go on and on until the desired length of weaving is achieved.  To keep the ends in place, the pinky loop is placed over the ring finger, the ring finger loop then over the middle finger, and the middle finger loop over the pointer finger.  Once all loops have been removed, the wearing is knotted and pulled tight.  The result is a long cylindrical weaving.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3  photo 4


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