4th Grade Balloon Flyers

For the final project of their figure drawing unit, the fourth grade students created these balloon flyers. They started from choosing their favorite position from their “sausage people.” They enlarged the figure onto a piece of 8.5×11 in. drawing paper. Once they were pleased with their proportions, they traced the outline in black marker and erased all of their interior lines. From here, they had to opportunity to turn their figure into whoever they pleased: a football player, super hero, cheerleader, etc.  They painted in the details the let them dry flat.  Once completely dry, we cut them out and glued them onto backgrounds to make it appear as though they are flying on the strings of giant balloons.

image image imagephoto 1(1) photo 1(2) photo 2(1)  photo 3(1)photo 5photo 4(1)photo 2(2)


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