2nd Grade Birdhouses

I try to be efficient in trimming paper to the right size for mounting BEFORE we start projects.  Every once in a while, however, I forget.  This results in a stockpile of 1 inch colorful paper strips.  I save them all year and put them to good use through paper weaving.  To make the “looms” I fold 9x12in. sheets of construction paper in half. With the paper cutter, I make slits every inch through the fold, almost to the edge of the paper. When unfolded, 6 strips can be woven over-under to create a checkerboard effect.  Once the ends were glued down, each student added a round door, roof, and a bird.  Metallic sharpies added extra pizzazz to the roof. I made color copies of each house to make them small enough to frame as a whole group.



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